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“I do not want to invest in a CRM at all, it is costly and too complicated. I will lose my money and time.”
It is what we were used to feeling when we talked about CRM. Endless functionalities, too complex interface… And if we change this?
We realised quickly that we were not alone to face this situation : this is one of the reasons why a huge number of companies do not use any CRM. In fact, a study from Capterra has shown that 67% of the SMBs are not ready to adopt this kind of solution.
Within Prediwell, we were decided to find an alternative way to approach this topic : create an easy solution which is adaptable to your real needs, and not the opposite!
After years of studies and development, we managed to build a simple, intuitive CRM solution, which is also configurable, for an accessible price.
Prediwell is the tool able to help you in management of all kinds of activity : Sales, Marketing, IT, HR…
Our solution will evolve regardless of your company’s size.
Our objective is simple : be the master of your own tool !
What if simplicity will bring you freedom?
Ease & Freedom

CRM Workflow smart agile Prediwell


Prediwell is a hybrid solution which fits any company’s size.

Our CRM fits your business, and allows you to have a clear vision of your activity. You will be able to :

  • Control your process & projects in one click;
  • Easily manage your contacts & activities; 
  • Customize your dashboards but also your tasks.

Choose simplicity with one unique platform, make your Marketing, Sales, HR and IT activities evolve, and achieve your digital transformation.

Who said CRM had to be hard to manage ?

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