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Business process management, workflow : concepts & definitions

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workflow crm solution agile hybride intuitive
workflow crm solution agile hybride intuitive

Business process management, workflow : concepts & definitions

Learn in 5 minutes what is a workflow and business process management tool! Did you know it? The concept of Workflow is nothing new. It dates back from computing tools spread in businesses (from the...
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How To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Better managing your business through some small tips   Managing your business is like taking care of a child. You nurture him from its very beginning and get to watch him grow. But, unlike a...continue reading

HRIS: why a Human Resource Information system?

Learn in 5 minutes why you need a HRIS   What is HRIS?   HRIS (for Human Resource Information System, is an information system that includes several HR softwares. These softwares are often...continue reading

CRM: Data management helps customer experience?

Data management plays a major role in improving customer relationship management (and also customer experience)   Data management plays a major role in improving customer relationship management...continue reading

CRM: it is now more than a sales-focused tool!

CRM is not only related to customer relationship and sales activity anymore   It is true that the first goal of CRM is to help increase sales and manage customer relationships: however over the...continue reading

COVID, mobility, remote working: CRM benefits

CRM: an intuitive tool to improve remote working and mobility during COVID   With the current situation due to COVID crisis, companies have been more realizing that access to their key...continue reading

CRM: Sales, Marketing & HR Terminologies

CRM Terminology, different terms for each sector (Sales, Marketing, HR…)   As every analysis tool, CRM has also its own generic terms which vary according to the context: the terms that are...continue reading

Digital transformation: challenge for SMBs?

Digitalization: an essential step in companies’ digital transformation    Economy digitalization represents a real competitiveness concern for companies. Consumption models change, but...continue reading

Social selling methods & tools

To complete a commercial social selling, it is necessary to well determine the campaign’s goal, its targets and how to reach them. In this article, we will precisely discover the main steps to...continue reading
change management digitalisation des entreprises conduite du changement

Helpful Software solutions for Change management :

Helpful Software solutions for Change management :  The opening of new markets, a more and more volatile demand, mobility, or the technological evolution… To be more competitive and performant, a...continue reading
crm grc processus métier relation client

CRM Definition  (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM definition & concepts… learn in 5 minutes what it is about !  Did you know it? The first CRM software was launched in the 80’s: At first, the “Contact Management Software” (precursor...continue reading

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