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Dynamically target your contacts

Target a contact group via dynamic criterias:

  •  Specify contacts to reach through smart filtering (module, state, tag, first name, last name, position, company, email, phone…)
  • Create reusable contact list for each of your campaigns
  • According to the made changes, each of your lists are instantly updated

Check analytics for all your campaigns

Keep track on your emailing campaign results:

  •  Have an idea about each campaign state from one same place
  • Analyse each of them’s results to do a reporting for your teams

Easily create & configure your emailing

Create & launch your emailing campaigns in few simple steps:

  • Pick & select the contact list you want to reach
  • Fill the mandatory fields on your emailing (name, object, sender…)
  • Then select & configure your email structure (use a template from gallery, use one of your saved templates, email editor, text editor)
  • Save the whole thing & you are ready to go!


Easily adapt Prediwell to your business process

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